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What Can You Do With a Broken TV All You Need to Know

10 10, 2023 repair 0 Comments

It is challenging to decide what to do with a broken TV. While replacement may seem viable, restoration may be what you need. There are several options for what you can do with a broken TV, and this article will expand on the possibilities.

You can repair, replace, or recycle a broken TV. If the damages are minimal, repairs are a good choice. For problems that are beyond repair, consider selling parts or disposing. But as you do this, be cautious of the environment. Some TV parts can be dangerous and improper disposal can be harmful.    

What next after your TV breaks down? Well, the options are endless. Let's discuss what you can and cannot do with your damaged TV. 

What Can You Do With a Broken TV? All You Need to Know

What Can You Do With a Broken TV All You Need to Know

Dealing with a broken TV can be stressful. You are never sure if you are making the right choice during repairs or replacement. Often, you find yourself worrying about losing money on a wrong choice. For instance, choosing to repair a TV  for a solution that may not last, or replacing the TV when a simple repair could fix the problem.

But indecisiveness should never be a choice. By researching, you can overcome the fear of dealing with a broken TV. For instance, a look at the repair costs of a TV screen could inform your decision. Expensive or affordable prices can inform the decision to repair or sell parts. In addition, a valid warranty can change your decision from recycling to seeking a solution.

 A point to note is that your choice when handling a broken TV is informed by the cost of repairs. It is also dependent on the extent of damage. But most important is the value of the TV. Whether you choose to create a work of art with an old television or donate it depends on the predictable results of your actions.

My TV is Broken, What Next?

1. Start by Checking Your Warranty

What Can You Do With a Broken TV All You Need to Know

Checking your warranty offers cheaper options for TV repairs. It cuts down the cost of dealing with an independent repair shop. Often, warranties guarantee better services since the repairs are performed by the TV dealer.

So, if your TV is fairly new, it's likely that it is still under warranty. To confirm this, check your receipts and related documents for validity. Keep in mind that a warranty covers damages or replacements only for certain conditions.

Normally, the warranty addresses minor malfunctions or poor manufacturer workmanship. But there are exceptions. In some instances, major problems, like replacing your broken TV screen, can be covered.

A point to keep in mind, however, is that different television manufacturers have varying warranty coverages. In all instances, the warranty is valid for a limited period and for certain TV problems. So, before you consider using your TV warranty, read the terms and conditions.  

2. Try Restoring the Television

Not every hope is lost with your broken TV. There is a chance that a repair can fix the problem. When dealing with a broken device, start with the basics. Try switching the television on and off. Also, confirm the condition of external elements. If you have an idea of the damages, sweep through the web for possible solutions.

In extreme circumstances, consider the services of a TV repair expert. Reliable repair shops offer detailed diagnosis and restoration costs. Depending on the costs and life span of the TV after repair, you can choose to restore or dispose.

3. Sell the TV

What Can You Do With a Broken TV All You Need to Know

At times, it may not make sense to repair a broken TV. In such moments, consider selling it for parts or as a whole to interested parties.

  • Sell To collectors

Ever heard of car collectors or art collectors and their accumulation of century-old items? Well, there's a group of collectors also interested in televisions.

Collectors do not care about the working condition of an item, their interest is in the sentimental aspects of the TV. This, therefore means that your broken TV that you may no longer be in use, can be a treasure to them.

So, as you look for ways to dispose of your TV, consider a TV collectors group. Social media or your community can be a good start to locating the collectors. Remember to keep an open mind about how much the collectors pay for the broken TV. The price may not be pleasing especially if the sentimental aspect is negligible. 

  • Sell to spare parts shop

TVs break all the time. While some are repairable, others can only be disposed of. But even for TVs that can't be repaired, some components can be used for the repair of other related devices.

Therefore, before putting that TV into the trash bin, consider selling it for parts. Contact repair shops or your manufacturer for a good deal. The returns may not be as much, but it's environmentally friendly to recycle usable TV parts.

4. Consider DIY Projects

What Can You Do With a Broken TV All You Need to Know

  • Turn it into a skylight

Your broken flat-screen TV can be used to simulate a skylight or window. If you have a home with minimal lighting, you can upscale an LCD fresnel light diffuser and swap out the LEDs to create fake daylight.

The process involves removing the backlight from the broken TV and swapping the original lights with high-CRI LED strips. This is followed by putting back the original diffusers and fresnel lens and finishing off with an aluminum frame. The result is a white light that resembles normal daylight. When fixed to a ceiling, the DIY project mimics a pleasant work of art.

  • Convert to a fish tank

A little creativity never hurts. And while your broken, vintage TV may feel like it's damaged beyond repair, there may be better uses for it. A broken TV can be converted into a fish tank. Its structure allows for better installation of tanks, filters, lighting, and other elements needed in an aquarium.

But for the project to be successful, remember to research extensively. Fish are sensitive to change. It's therefore necessary to create a fish tank that can be maintained easily and guarantee the survival of the fish.  

  • Make a coffee table

Broken TVs are excellent for coffee table construction. They provide excellent surfaces for table fittings and extensions. A flat-screen TV can be fitted with traditional design legs to illustrate thoughtful concepts. On the other hand, vintage TV can include contemporary fittings to display a timeless appeal. In both instances, the idea is thinking futuristically about the use of your broken television.  

5. Recycle the TV

In most states, it's illegal to dispose of a TV in a trash bin. Proper TV recycling involves transferring the TV to recycle plants or dismantling parts before you put it in the bins. This is because a TV contains dangerous components. The plastics, metals, and chords need to be transported safely to different disposal areas. So, when you choose to recycle, consider environmentally recommended processes.

Alternatively, consider donations as another recycling option. If the TV is in working condition, or there are hopes of restoration, offer it to a charity group. Also, consider it for learning institutions. It may be a piece of necessary education equipment for upcoming electricians or TV repair professionals.  


There are many options for what you can do with a broken TV. While replacement is a good choice, you can also choose to repair the television. If all this fails, transforming the TV into a coffee table or fish tank is a viable option. TVs break, but that should not mark the end of your device's usability.  Before replacing your TV, consider professional input. Contact a TV repair expert for diagnosis and advice. A TV repair expert will guide you on what you can and cannot do with a broken TV. 

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