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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Wont Turn On

10 10, 2023 repair 0 Comments

Imagine this; you are at home getting ready to watch your favorite TV show. You have your popcorn ready, you take a seat, and get cozy with your blanket. But on trying to turn on the TV, nothing appears. You try switching the power on and off but still nothing. What do you do next?  

There are several reasons why your TV won't turn on. The most common are power supply issues, breakage, or age. Whatever the case, you need repairs that cost between $60 and $2000. The level of damage and type of TV determines the price. While some TV repairs like changing bulbs can cost below $100, others like replacing broken screens could cost up to $1000. 

Several factors determine the cost of repairing a TV that won't turn on. The aspects include the type of TV, problem areas, labor, and availability of spare parts. In this article, I discuss estimates for specific TV repairs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Won't Turn On?

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Wont Turn On

It can be frustrating to deal with a TV that won't turn on. Not only is it emotionally draining but also time-consuming. In addition, the repairs can be quite expensive.

Normally, common TV repairs are estimated to cost upwards of $100. Some TV repairs like backlights can be $60-$150. Other major adjustments such as the TV screen could cost over $1000.

In addition, the repairs may require expert input. This, therefore, means extra cost in terms of labor and transportation. Keeping in mind  the availability of repair services near you, it can be draining to deal with TV repairs.

To make sure you are prepared for the process, begin by understanding the expected cost. A TV that won't turn on has its cost relevant to the problem. In this article, I take a dive into the different TV spare parts, their possible problem areas, and how much it may cost to repair.

1. Repair Cost Based on Specific Problems

If your TV suddenly stops turning on, there are several ways the problem may present itself. Here are a few observations you may want to look out for.

  • A TV that goes completely blank and won't turn on
  • A TV that turns on and then off again
  • Vertical lines on a TV screen
  • Damaged or broken power cords and cables
  • Horizontal lines on the TV screen
  • A TV that turns on only for a limited time and then turns off
  • A water-damaged TV
  • A cracked screen
  • A TV with sound and no picture or with picture and no sound.

Each problem has a different cost of repair. Here's a table on how much you may need for restoration. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Wont Turn On

2. Repair Costs Based on Parts that Need Restoration

A TV has various components. Each component works in varying capacities to produce pictures, sound, and light. Due to continued use, some elements can break or experience wear and tear. This may result in the TV not turning on. If a diagnosis shows an issue with any of these parts, here's how much it can cost to repair

TV Panel Repair

The type of TV determines how much it may cost to repair the panel. While an older LED TV panel can cost between $200 and $400 to repair, newer 4K televisions can go up to $2000. But as you consider TV panel repairs, note that most cannot be repaired. It's also important to note that most repair shops do not offer TV panel correction services. In most instances, you have to replace the parts.

Backlight Repair

Backlights are usually in the form of LED strips or fluorescent lights. Their purpose is to produce light and color by illuminating your display.

Normally, when there's a malfunction of a LED strip, the appearance of your screen changes. It may produce horizontal, vertical, or blank screens. To repair these errors, a technician can open the TV and correct the positioning of the LED lights. This process costs between $100-$200.

Inverter Repair

The purpose of an inverter is to power the backlight. So, an error in one of its capacitors results in a dim screen, distorted pictures, flashing lights, or a totally blank screen. The solution for damaged TV inverters is fitting in a new capacitor. The overall cost can range between $100 and $200.

Power Board Repair

The power board allows you to turn on and off your television. A problem with the power board means no power transmission, and therefore no images on the screen. Most issues can be fixed by repairing the damaged parts of the power board. Changing capacitors can also ensure power supply in the device. Power board repairs range between $200-$500. But keep in mind that these aren't basic DIY processes. Expert knowledge in soldering and capacitor installation is necessary.

TV Screen Repair

TV screen repairs can cost between $200 and $1000. This is because the screen is considered one of the most expensive and sensitive parts of a TV. Most of its repair process involves conversations with a technician on whether the idea is worthwhile. This is because not every screen damage is repairable. While simple scratches and smudges are fixable, a shattered screen may be unrepairable. The extent of damage determines whether you should repair or replace the TV.

Water Damage

A simple water damage can cost around $150-$400 to dry off. A technician will need to open up the TV and wipe or blow dry the TV to get it functioning again. But a television that has been submerged in water may not be repairable. Or if they were, it would be too expensive to replace parts. In such cases, replacing the TV would be a viable option. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Wont Turn On

3. Repair Costs Based on Parts that Need Replacement

In some instances, it may be impossible to repair television parts. This may be due to the severity of the damage or the cost of the project. When faced with a TV situation that cannot be repaired, then replacement should be a consideration. Typically, components like screens, capacitors, and bulbs are better off being replaced than repaired. Here's how much it may cost you to replace TV parts;

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV That Wont Turn On

4. Repair based on TV brand

TV repairs are determined by the TV brand. Different TV brands have varying technology and this differentiates TV repair costs. Also, the availability of repair shops, the age of the TV, and warranties determine costs. So, before deciding whether to repair or replace your TV consult your technician. Understand repairs they can carry out and how much they can cost. Inquire about the durability of the television after repairs. Also, get information on transportation and time needed for the repairs. 

5. Labor Costs

The labor cost runs from the moment of diagnosis which can be between $75 and $100. Other labor costs can be between $50-$150 per hour. The labor cost depends on the damages and whether the technician will travel to your location for repairs. Normally, most technicians have higher fees for repairs that happen at home rather than at their workstations.

Labor costs that involve logistics fees can be expensive. If you need a pick-up and delivery service, costs may include an additional $50-$150. Keep in mind that these are costs within the same state. Shipping to a different country or state can cost more. 

When determining labor costs, the best idea is to have open conversations with the technician. Remember that some repair shops offer flat fees while others charge by the hour. Understanding the overall pricing plus any hidden charges makes for better decision-making before the TV repair process begins. 


As you consider your TV for repair, it's important to have in mind a $60-$1000 cost. In some instances, such as panel repair and replacement, the price can go up to $2000. There are many aspects that determine how much your TV repair may cost. Top on the list is the type of repair and your TV brand. Whatever the damage, consider consulting a TV repair expert for professional advice. Televisions are sensitive. Having a team of experts walking with you through the TV repair process guarantees success. 

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