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How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone

10 10, 2023 repair 0 Comments

It's common for the screen, charging port, or back screen of your iPhone to break. And when this happens, you only have two options; to repair or replace. Purchasing a new iPhone comes with standard prices that are easily verifiable online. But for repairs, costs defer based on diagnostics results. 

It costs between $18 and $599 to repair an iPhone. The cost is determined by the iPhone model, the extent of damage, and your location. Typically, loose charging ports, stuck power buttons, or damaged batteries are cheaper to replace. On the other hand, screen repairs and water damage can be pretty expensive. 

The costs of repairing iPhone damages vary. Read on to understand what determines the prices. 

How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone?

How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone

Before beginning your iPhone repair process, get a proper diagnosis. iPhones are sensitive and a lack of proper research could result in irreparable damages. Even for simple replacements, such as screen protector repair, ask for advice. iPhones have many compartments that can stop working if you erroneously shift their positioning.

So, the first step to getting an approximate cost of your iPhone repair is getting a technician's point of view. It's important to understand the extent of damage and prices based on the model of your iPhone. While it's possible to perform some iPhone repairs by yourself, it is not advisable. It saves time and money to visit verified iPhone repair experts.

1. How Much Will it Cost?


How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone

If you are like me, you've probably experienced those mini heart attacks when your iPhone falls down. Often, your thoughts are of irreparable damages that would require a phone replacement. It's common to think of the worst, but this should not always be the case. Most times, an iPhone screen repair could salvage your broken iPhone.

Normally a cracked screen, broken cases, or damaged back-glass are a few of the presentations of a fallen iPhone. Depending on the force of the fall, the screen can have manageable scratches that do not interrupt the functions of the iPhone.

Other times, shattered screens, or damaged glass may happen. This will require a screen replacement that can cost between $39 and $400. The cost differs with location and availability of a warranty.

To learn more about your warranty, read your manufacturer's manual on the Apple Limited Warranty. Better still, talk to an authorized dealer about your AppleCare+ privileges.

Charging port

Damage to your charging ports results in the battery not charging or charging slowly. Before spending between $20 and $160 for repairs, consider these fixes.

  • Try a different iPhone charger
  • Use a different power source
  • Remove dirt and debris from iPhone
  • Update to the latest iOS version

If none of these works, contact a technician to check for loose or cracked ports that need replacement. The repair of charging ports is quite manageable. In most instances, local repair shops can deal with the issues within an hour or less.


Your iPhone speaker can get damaged by falls on dry and wet surfaces. When this happens, you experience crackling or static voices during calls. Issues with the speaker affect sound quality. It can cost between $49 to $120 to fix the issue.

Water damage

How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone

Water and electronics do not mix. Any interaction results in devices needing replacement. But thanks to recent technology, the latest iPhone models are now waterproof. So, if you have an iPhone 7 and later models, they can survive minimal spills.

Keep in mind that the waterproofness in iPhones does not mean prolonged submerging in deep waters. For instance, using your phone inside a swimming pool or when jet skiing overrides its waterproofness.

Normally, the ability to withstand the damage entails water exposure for a few seconds. For example, a fall into a toilet bowl and immediate fishing out. Such damages can be fixed by draining and cloth-drying the water. But before making a visit to an iPhone repair shop, try this DIY process.

  • Immediately remove the iPhone from the water
  • Take out the case to drain water stuck in the hooks
  • Use a dry cloth to dry reachable surfaces
  • Shake the phone to remove water through the ports.
  • Blow cool air using a fan into the iPhone
  • Dip the Apple device in uncooked rice to absorb the moisture

The repair of a water-damaged iPhone can cost between $50 to $599. Water damages are among the most expensive to repair. They are also not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+.

Back Glass

Constant falls can result in broken back glass. The materials used in manufacturing the back glass are quite expensive. These repairs can, therefore, cost between $349 and $599. Compared to other repairs, back glass replacement takes more time and is costly.

2. What Affects the Cost of iPhone Repair?

There are several factors that may affect your iPhone repair costs;

Model of the Smartphone

Apple devices undergo frequent upgrades resulting in more sleek and advanced models. Newer devices contain components that are more expensive to replace. Therefore, it is expected to spend more to repair an iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 compared to a similar repair on an iPhone 6.

Extent of Damage

A scratch on a screen will cost less to repair compared to shattered glass. A phone that slightly drops in water has fair repair costs compared to a submerged mobile phone. Also, iPhone damage that is resolved as soon as it happens may cost less since it is not extensive. The type and level of damage of an iPhone determines the price estimates.


If you have an Apple store or repair shop near you, it cuts on the costs of transportation. Also, repair costs are determined by the area of operation of the shops. It's common to experience similar repairs having varying costs in let's say New York and Michigan. Some mobile phone repair costs are driven by demographics, demand, and supply chains. 

3. Is AppleCare+ Worth It?

How Much Would it Cost to Fix Your iPhone

AppleCare+ is a form of insurance. It extends your Apple device warranty for periods beyond the Apple Limited Warranty coverage. Most Apple devices have a one-year warranty and 90 days of free technical support. But with AppleCare+ the period can extend to two or three years.

The benefit of AppleCare is the availability of 24/7 tech support. Any issues with the battery or accidental damage receive around-the-clock attention. Considering that AppleCare+ also covers theft and loss incidents, it's worth having insurance for the latest iPhone devices.

But keep in mind that the AppleCare+ plans are not cheap. It can cost up to a quarter of the value of your mobile phone. So, unless you own an expensive iOS device, it's not advisable to enroll in the plan.

Alternatively, make use of the Apple Limited Warranty program. The plan covers your iPhone and every product in the purchase box for one year. But please note that most coverages only include manufacturing defects and tech support. Keep in mind that additional fees may be set for some repairs. Therefore, read the terms and conditions extensively.

To add to this, Apple offers guarantees for services. These include the replacement of parts for 90 days or the remaining period for your AppleCare+ or Apple Limited Warranty - whichever is longer.  Every replacement is subject to the rights stipulated in the consumer law.


The cost of repairing an iPhone depends on the model. It is also determined by the extent of damage and your location. Immediately you start experiencing issues with your iPhone, stay informed of the possible expenses. To get accurate estimates, contact an iPhone repair expert. A professional will help you through the diagnostics, repair, and complete restoration of your iPhone.  

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