How to Take a Screenshot on a Widows Computer

Below are the ten unique ways you can use to take a screenshot of your Windows computer to share. Some approaches require several keyboard combinations, while others are very direct.  However, some options offer more flexible options...
Author:James Fleming & Collins Okoth
1/9/2021 7:55:19 AM

Best Solutions to Computer Overheating

How to stop computer from overheating when playing games
Author:James Fleming
12/28/2020 10:21:25 AM

Do I need a Desktop PC or a Laptop?

The computer you need is the one that best meets your particular needs. Get a Laptop if you value portability above all. But if raw performance is your goal, you must sacrifice the Laptop's portability for the flexibility and power of a Desktop PC.
Author:James Fleming & Chibuzor Ujunwa
12/20/2020 10:08:38 PM

The Role of Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence

A neural network is essentially hardware or software that mimics the behavior of neurons in the human brain. Typically neural networks involve machine learning and deep learning as integral parts of Artificial Intelligence. 
Author:James Fleming & Collins Okoth
12/9/2020 9:19:57 AM

What are the F1 through F12 keys?

The F Keys have always remained a mystery to many regular computer users. The truth is, several basic computer tasks can be achieved without using these F Keys. However, for a relatively experienced or advanced computer user, these F keys...
Author:James Fleming & Collins Okoth
11/26/2020 9:47:52 AM

Which Windows Computer is Best?

Several other Windows computers in the market are worth considering when purchasing a PC. For instance, the HP Envy 32 All-in-One, Dell Precision 7920 Tower (2020), HP Pavilion 24 All-in-One, Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Kit (Ghost Canyon), Lenovo Yoga C940..
Author:James Fleming & Collins Okoth
11/21/2020 1:15:31 AM

How to Change your Wi-Fi Password

Here, you will learn how to access your router's web interface and change your Wi-Fi Password in a few, simple steps!
Author:James Fleming & Charan Suresh
10/14/2020 2:53:58 PM

How Do Computer Hard Drive Works

Today, you can upgrade your desktop computer to have both SSD and HDDs. By doing so, you improve the performance of your computer and get more space for storage. What you need to know is that such a configuration only works if your motherboard suppor
Author:James Fleming
10/29/2019 9:55:02 AM

What Is USB 3.0

USB 3.0 became the official new standard adopted by the industry in 2008. It incorporated more pins in the connections allowing for transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps.
Author:James Fleming & Collins Okoth
12/13/2019 3:31:03 AM

How Do I Keep My Laptop Battery in Good Health?

Through a number of healthy laptop practices, you can extend the amount of time you spend with your laptop. Apart from avoiding physical damage and keeping it from dust that blocks air vents, a lot of factors come to play to extend battery life.
Author:James Fleming & Ian Musyoka
2/5/2020 1:19:18 AM