Choice Content Topics

How to choice a writing topic for the site

This is a tutorial of how to select and phrase writer topic for the site.  Below is the process we use to preselect answer targets right off the bad for our documentation.

  • Go to
  • Start typing anything about computer you think would be a good question
  • You will notice Google starts trying to auto fill the topic
  • Select one of these google topic as you are typing
    • As sub topic/new topic if you scroll all the way down on the google search page you will see a list of other queries
  • Once the topic and sub topic are set you can enter it in the roadmap at the bottom of the page you will see the "Submit my Idea"
  • Some General Rules:
    • Don't use numbers in the title
    • Make all topic question to be answered
    • Make sure you search the site for the topic you are generating to make sure we don't have duplicate
    • Make sure the Topic belong to the demographic to the site purpose
    • When choosing a topic if its new and not related to another already existing article than we want to keep the topic at a broad spectrum for the category it goes in
      • E.g. If you wanted to cook an egg the first topic subject might be "How do you cook an egg?" and later you might say as an add on too that category might be "How do you make scramble egg on a campfire?" this is drilling down further on that one topic
    • If you cant not turn the Topic into a question request it to be deleted if it is already submitted