About Us


My name is Tessa Toney and I was born to be in the Information Technology field.  I started this business to help our community get the Information Technology resource they need to make better choice for their homes and business needs.  My goal is to provide whatever resource  will work best for your situation.

    In today's world it seem people are way more worried about make money rather than helping each other achieve their goal within their trait/craft. That's why since the beginning of 2001 I have expanded our foot print to way beyond what I would of ever imagine in helping come up with solutions for everyday business owner requirements. Helping small and large company achieve their goals and building long lasting partnership dedicated to making a difference in their industry.

    Along the way we have found that communication is the key to success. We strive on understanding the needs of our friends/partnership to help pave the future in their industry. We want to be the go to for helping you shape your future at home and abroad as deeply nested or as a sounding board to check in and ask "Does this make sense to reach our goals?".